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Guided tours of the Islands

Duration : 3 hours/tour

Board a private, comfortable, 18-seat shuttle bus and find out more about the archipelago from an enthusiastic local tour guide.


Points of interest

EASTERN part of the archipelago

The highlights of the tour of the EASTERN sector are: fishing ports, view of the salt mine, tour of the Seal Interpretation Centre, Old Harry Beach (on National Geographic's top 10 list), the village of Grande-Entrée, and much more!

CENTRAL part of the archipelago

The highlights of the tour of the CENTRAL sector are: the village of Havre-aux-Maisons (La Méduse - verre soufflé, cheese factory lighthouse, smokehouse, etc.), the village of Fatima (Écomusée Mi-Carême), the village of l'Étang-du-Nord (fishing port, fishermen statue), and much more!

WESTERN part of the archipelago

The highlights of the tour of the WESTERN sector are: the village of Havre-Aubert, La Grave Historic Site, Musée de la Mer, Atelier Côtier, the scenic route, and much more!


Introduction to fishing workshop

Duration : 2 hours
Christian Vigneau, a friendly local fisherman who owns CULTURES DU LARGE, will introduce you to oyster and mussel farming as well as lobster fishing. Be among the privileged few who get to know this islander's secrets. Tasting included.


Écomusée de la Mi-Carême

Duration : 2 hours
The uniqueness of the Magdalen Islands can be seen in its colours, flavours and even its love of partying! The celebration of mid-lent is proof of the latter. This carnival, which originated in Europe in the Middle Ages, is still observed in Canada, specifically in Quebec and Acadia, but only in 6 places, including Fatima, right here at Château Madelinot. Want to get to know the archipelago and the locals as few visitors have a chance to? This is your opportunity! Take a peek “behind the mask” of this tradition deeply rooted in the Magdalen Islands by chatting with TRUE ENTHUSIASTS! And wear your dancing shoes!


CAMI – Little Red School House Museum and Veterans Museum

Duration : 1 hour
Located in Old Harry, the CAMI historical and heritage site is at the heart of the Islands' culture and heritage. The complex consists of two museums: the Little Red School House Museum (make sure you're not late for class!) and the Veterans Museum and Commemorative Park. You can visit these recently upgraded museums by taking a guided tour or on your own, using the new audiovisual technology available. The site offers numerous activities throughout the summer that allow visitors to discover the unique culture and history of the Magdalen Islands. You'll find traditional workshops, musical performances and much more!