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12 ,000 inhabitants, 205 square kilometres, in the heart of the Gulf of St. Lawrence


Tourism on the Magdalen Islands

The Magdalen Islands are a prime tourist destination, a dream vacation spot for many Quebecers, as well as for a growing number of foreigners. It isn't a place to stop on the way to one's final destination—it is the destination, and a sought-after one at that!

Unique in character: “On the Magdalen Islands, time isn't measured by clocks, but by moments!”

The Magdalen Islands offers not only a complete change of scenery but also a truly different pace of life. In the heart of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, this lush archipelago rimmed with white sandy beaches and red cliffs attracts tourists like a magnet. Known for their warm welcome, the locals, known as Madelinots reveal their authenticity and know-how in their cuisine, where seafood takes centre stage.


Wind sports, boat trips, hunting, fishing and walks of every type will fill your days! The Magdalen Islands consist of seven inhabited islands, 300 kilometres of beaches, numerous caves and cliffs, breathtaking landscapes and oceanside sunsets.

This archipelago features dunes, charming little houses, important fishing ports and refreshing salt air.

On these islands you can gaze out over an endless expanse of ocean and soak up the rich culture that keeps Magdalen Island history alive.

Hôtels Accents

Formed in 1999 by the merger of Château Madelinot and Auberge Madeli, Hôtels Accents now boasts two hotels, a restaurant, unique and diversified services, and a staff topping 95 employees.

The organization prioritizes cooperative values in serving tourists from all over the world and in supporting and promoting local Magdalen Island business owners.

Château Madelinot has 118 rooms and Auberge Madeli has 61.

Resto Bistro Accents, part of Château Madelinot, is proud to offer a menu whose main focus on local products. Its dining room can accommodate up to 80 guests and its catering hall has space for 120 diners.

Hôtels Accents is a team committed to serving you by going above and beyond your expectations. These welcoming hotels are the core of tourist activity on the MAGDALEN ISLANDS.