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Interview with Léon Poirier


How many years have you been working for Château Madelinot?

33 years

At first, what attracted you to the company?

When I started, there weren’t a lot of tourists who wanted a tour guide to do visits; in consequence, there weren’t a lot of guides on the islands. One summer, the Château Madelinot needed a guide and I thought I could try it out and I really liked it, enough to still do it.

What do you like the most about your job?

I feel valued with this job and I love how it enables me to connect with people. I love where I am from and making people discover it by telling our history my own way has become a real passion.

What does the tourism industry represent for you?

Pride, I am proud to show that we can respect the environment while doing tourism and make people live incredible experiences at the same time.

What is the biggest challenge you had at your job and how did you solved it?

This is a seasonal job, we have many groups during a short period and at the end I am tired, but I like it enough that once I took some time to relax, I want it to start again.