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Interview with Manon Bourgeois


How many years have you been working for Château Madelinot?

15 years

At first, what attracted you to the company?

The idea that I could work with people and work in client service played a big part. When I was young, there were always friends at my parents’ house. I always liked the contact with others. When I saw this opportunity I applied for the job and from there it went really well.

What do you like the most about your job?

Client services, answering clients’ question, give out information, guide people and feeling like I made the difference for them.

What does the tourism industry represent for you?

Our tourism it’s many people who love the islands and want to discover them; it enables us to showcase our amazing region and its uniqueness. It is really important because we live from it.

What is the biggest challenge you had at your job and how did you solved it?

Our role is to satisfy our clientele which sometimes have special demands or needs and it is not always easy to satisfy those special requests. But by working hard we find solutions to help them. When we are ready to learn and we love people it is easier to overcome challenges.