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Interview with Samuel Racine


How many years have you been working for Château Madelinot?

5 years

At first, what attracted you to the company?

I already knew people who worked here and they encourage me to come and work for the Château Madelinot.

What do you like the most about your job?

The creativity, I have the liberty to create new dishes, play with different type of foods and try new things.

What does the tourism industry represent for you?

When I think about the tourism industry, I think about the high season and the increase of our work pace.  Every year, the high season almost starts overnight. I also think about the satisfaction and pride we found in succeeding each season and about our clients who have loved to eat at our table.

What is the biggest challenge you had at your job and how did you solved it?

Even after working in a kitchen for 16 years, I had no diploma related to the work. In working here, I was able to get accredited by the executive chef, Hugo. I am now a certified cook.  Not only did I get my accreditation but I also progressed in my career by becoming sous-chef.