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Seal Pups Watching

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“Because one day we realized that we were so privileged to be surrounded by so much natural beauty that we had no choice but to share it.” – A pioneering Madelinot observer of seal pups on the Magdalen Islands

Every year since then, enthusiasts of nature, wildlife observation and photography have travelled to the Magdalen Islands to experience this incomparable nature experience.

Looking for a unique winter trip? Need to escape and find some inspiration? 

The ice floes of the Magdalen Islands are your next destination!

Be one of the lucky ones and join this excursion named one of National Geographic TOP 25 travel destinations.

Please note that, for the 2023 season, places are limited for those wishing to take part in the excursion.  So act quickly and find out about the best options available to you!


Trip overview

4 to 7 days


Château Madelinot



Magdalen Island


Arrival YGR

*Flight to YGR not included


Departure YGR

​*Flight to YGR not included


Helicopter excursion

Board a helicopter chartered for the excursion right at the hotel. Fly over the majestic Gulf of St. Lawrence and enjoy the incredible view of the îles de la Madeleine and its ecosystem. You’ll set down on the pack ice amidst a patch of harp seals. The high point of the excursion? Gazing at the vastness surrounding you! 


Seal pup watching

You’ll never forget your first encounter with a newborn seal pup on the pack ice off the coast of the îles de la Madeleine—an intense moment that you can experience with the seal in its natural habitat. The tranquility and natural light of the surroundings will remain etched in your memory forever. 


Wildlife watching

In addition to seals, the archipelago is a prime place for observing red foxes and some 300 species of birds that pass through the islands every year. Take the time to soak up the unique island scenery surrounding you and keep your eyes open for the wildlife living there! 

Land-based excursions

Explore the archipelago by taking part in the different land-based excursions designed by our expert guides, with weather conditions in mind. Join them on themed hikes or sunrise/sunset photography outings, meet our artisans and much more! The archipelago is a fantastic playground for outdoor and nature lovers. 


Experience the islands in winter

Immerse yourself in this unique time when the feeling of freedom and being alone in the world provide you with an unparalleled source of inspiration! The experience of being on an island shrouded in pack ice in the heart of the Gulf of St. Lawrence will leave you with an unrivalled sense of well-being.  



Learn from our expert guides

Meet our expert guides, who will accompany you throughout your stay so that you can fully enjoy every moment. The field experience and knowledge of our guides will allow you to experience excursions that are rich learning opportunities. 





Download our presentation to find out all the details about the 2023 Harp Seal Expedition. 








  • Reception and airport transfer (YGR)
  • Accomodation
  • Full board meals
  • 1 helicopter tour
  • Land excursions
  • Expert guide

Package B: Accommodation + 1 helicopter tour + lunch


  • Accommodation
  • Lunch
  • 1 helicopter tour

Our ambassadors

Mario Cyr

Diver and ocean photographer
Magdalen Islands, Quebec 
Chlorophylle ambassador, official dresser of the seal pups expedition. 

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Rei Ohara

Animal photographer

Learn more

Jennifer Hayes

Ocean Photographer 
National Geographic ambassador 
United States 

Learn more

Ellen Cuylaerts

Ocean Photographer 

Learn more

Éric Deschamps

Wilderness photographer 
Chlorophylle ambassador, official dresser of the seal pups expedition.


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Tout comme Chlorophylle, l’expédition d’observation des blanchons aux Iles de la Madeleine est née dans les années 1980 avec le rêve de faire vivre une aventure de plein air, autant aux professionnels qu'aux passionnés de nature! Depuis, les deux entreprises ont fait vivre à des milliers de clients des expériences nature incomparables. C’est donc ce désir commun qui a amené les deux entreprises à développer récemment des liens plus serrés, notamment avec la présence d’ambassadeurs mutuels, dont le célèbre plongeur océanographique, le Madelinot Mario Cyr et le photographe nature, Éric Deschamps. En savoir plus.

Récit du séjour hivernal de Éric Deschamps aux Iles de la Madeleine.