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Going Awesome places «Top things to do in the Magdalen Islands in the winter» by Will Tang

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One of Canada's best kept secrets is a wind-swept archipelago of islands that forms the shape of a hook. Nestled in the heart of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, it's one of those places that looks like specks of dust on the map but is where adventure, heart-warming hospitality, proud heritage, seafood delights, and culinary surprises awaits.

It's called the Magdalen Islands.


While locals that are in-the-know visit in the summer, the colder months are a magical time of the year where fluffy snow, perfect light, cute wildlife, and intertwine. This is your guide to the best things to do in the Magdalen Islands in the winter time. Before we're done, you're going to start planning your trip here because it's easier than you think!