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Reader's Digest Canada «This is what it's like photographing baby seals in the Magdalen ISlands» by Kate Shang, Our Canada

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Arriving in the Magdalen Islands


I first heard about the baby seals around Îles de la Madeleine (Magdalen Islands) a few years back. Being an animal lover, I immediately added a visit to see them to my bucket list.

Unfortunately, in the past couple of years, due to global warming, the ice conditions had not been suitable for helicopters to land. Afraid the opportunity would one day be gone forever, I booked the first flight available upon hearing the announcement that tours would resume last March.


Îles de la Madeleine forms an archipelago in the heart of the Saint Lawrence in Quebec. Given its remote location, I had three stopovers—Montreal, Quebec City and the Gaspé—before finally landing at the small local airport.