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Tribute to M. Rei Ohara


November 24, 

We are sorry to inform you that our dear friend and precious ambassador of the Harp seal pups tour, the japanese wildlife photographer has passed away. His work, generosity and lifelong passion for the seals has contributed in so many ways. He was known for being very kind and happy to share his important experience and knowledge with everyone, from professional photographers to beginners. 

Rei Ohara was the first japanese guest who took part in the Harp seal tour in the 80'. After his return to Japan, he has contributed to promote the amazing wildlife experience through his stunning pictures, videos and by publishing several books. Each year since his first trip, he has traveled to the islands with many Japanese guests who followed him to live this unique encounter with the harp seal on the ice floe of the Gulf of Saint-Lawrence. 
Our thoughts go to his family and many friends all around the world. We will have a tribute in his honor during the 2022 season and we will reveal a permanent installation in his name at the Château Madelinot. 

We will be missing him deeply but we try to find comfort in the idea that we will have the privilege to share his legacy about the seals for many more years to come. 

If you want to learn more about his work, please visit his You Tube channel

Thank you for your kind words.  
The Château Madelinot team