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Cabaret Madame Zazou

Le Cabaret de Madame Zazou

Le Cabaret de Madame Zazou

Three characters, colorful, light and eccentric come to the islands with their madness and their malice. These three clowns, from Cirque du Soleil, rolled their hump around the world, to three they have more than 180 years of experience ... at least!

Cabaret Zazou is the discovery of the Islands by these three squeakers, their journey of wedding at the sea This quilt of funny numbers, will comfort you, will put you smile at lips and cheeks hurt by laughing.

Madame Zazou is the lady of Cabaret, naughty and joyful, singer and storyteller. Rocco, his assistant, technician, props, blower, foot massager, blunder clumsily do all the tasks dictated by Madam. And Balthazar the ...!!!

Come and have fun with this merry and whimsical merry band in a show full of humor and cheerfulness.
Enjoy the show!


For 15 performances only
Date: July 11th-12th-15th-18th-19th-22th-25th-26th-29th And August 1st-2nd-5th-8th-9th-12th 2019
Time: 20H00
Location: at the Château Madelinot auditorium

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